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Robin is incredible! Can't say enough about her interactions with Cash (our puppy), and our elder dog. They were always so excited to see her!! Her insights and lessons were invaluable. We could not have navigated the puppy phase without her. I know as Cash continues to grow we will call on her for additional lessons and advice.

~Susie R.

I have taken dog classes through three different trainers since we rescued our pitbull , Peach, three years ago and Radiant Canine classes were by far my favorite the most effective for Peach! Robin’s communication is clear and effective. Peach learned so many fun tricks, now has amazing recall, walks without pulling, greets strangers politely and we were even able to get her dog reactivity under control. We get compliments on her behavior all the time. Not only did Peach make tremendous growth with but we both loved coming to class as they were fun and engaging. I am so sad we moved out of state, or I would continue to enroll Peach in classes and workshops through Radiant Canines!

~Mckenzie R.

Robin is fantastic, she did wonders for us and our dog specifically diagnosing certain behavior we wanted to work on outside of a class setting. The best money I have spent so far on training for our little pup.

~Rebecca H

Robin is an amazing trainer and a lovely person. We adopted a rescue dog (Riley) in 2017, and we were struggling to adjust. Robin came into our home and helped us understand our new fur baby’s needs. She helped us bond with our dog and correct undesirable behaviors with kindness instead of frustration and anxiety. The thing that sticks out the most about Robin is the genuine way that she cares about the dogs and people she helps. When we found out that our Riley had an aggressive case of whip worm, Robin offered to stop in and walk / train / play with Riley twice a week while she was unable to attend doggy daycare or training with other dogs for the winter. I can’t say enough good things about how Robin has helped us. I strongly recommend her as a trainer and behavior resource.

~Whitney M.

I can not say enough good things about Robin. She explains things in a way that is personal to you and easy to understand. you can tell she genuinely cares for dogs and their well being and she wants to see every dog owner succeed in their training. I will be recommending her to every dog owner I know! it’s only been a few days since she met with us and I am already seeing such great improvements in our dogs thanks to her skills and knowledge.

~Tessa D.

Robin is compassionate and teaches your dog to be the best he can be. With positive approach and no prong or shock collars. Jasper enjoyed training and Robin helped me learn great ways to teach him.  Robin loves our dogs like they are her own. She is very caring and compassionate.

~Tracy P.

You can really tell when someone has a passion for what they do when they treat your dog like their own. My Mishka has a fear of strangers. It was to the point where no one new could come into, or near, the house without her going into a frenzy of barking and growling. Robin taught us (well taught me haha) how to work with Mishka when those situations are to occur. Robin really loves what she does and wants to best for people and their furry companions!

~Tasha J. 

Robin is so kind and so patient.  We truly appreciate how she listens to our struggles and builds a plan to help us connect with Ozzi. 


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