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Note:  I am not accepting new clients at this time.  Please contact the

Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin for a referral.

Don't have time to train or walk your dog? 
Let me do it for you!

Day training:

Being busy doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your dog's needs.  With day training, I come to your home while you are away and train your dog for you!  Day training is best for dogs and puppies who need to learn the basics such as sit, down, leave-it, come when called, stay, polite leash walking and relax on a mat. What skills we focus on will depend on the unique needs of your dog and your family. 

Day training is a great option for busy professionals!  

How it works:

1.  You will be first be emailed a training enrollment form.  Once I have the form we will schedule a brief meet and greet, so that we can meet one another and discuss logistics.  You will receive at your first session handouts on what will be covered during training.  All sessions will be scheduled at this first visit.

2.  Depending upon which package you go with, I will arrive at your home, take your dog out to potty, then work on your chosen behaviors (more sessions means more behaviors covered!).  A short walk & play time (mental breaks for your pooch!) during training is included.  A update on the session will be emailed or texted to you.

3.  Once the day training sessions are concluded we will briefly meet one more time to practice together what your dog has learned (to be scheduled at the initial meeting).

 Day training is only available for clients within 20 minutes of my home in Hartford.  Contact me for more information!


Day Training Packages:

4 training sessions:

  • ​Includes pre visit meeting and practice session


6 training sessions:

  • ​Includes pre visit meeting and practice session


8 training sessions:

  • ​Includes pre visit meeting and practice session


Just need someone to let your dog out and/or take him for a walk while you are at work?  I can do that!

Note:  Dog walking services are only available for clients within 15 minutes of my home in Hartford.

Dog Walking & Drop In Services:

10 minute drop in session to let dog(s) out to potty:


15 minute Walk:

  • One dog:  $20

  • Two dogs:  $25.00

30 minute Walk:

  • One dog:  $30

  • Two dogs:  $35.00

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