In collaboration with Cold Nose Canine, classes are offered at the Central Bark in Slinger.  Attendance in group classes is limited to six dogs and human teams.    All classes run for 6 weeks and last 50 minutes.  For more information and to sign up:



Puppy Essentials

This class will give your puppy the skills he needs to become an upstanding “citizen” of the world.  Puppy Essentials is for puppies aged between 8-16 weeks.  The class is designed to help build your puppy’s self confidence and set him up for success in life.  We will cover how to play & bond with your puppy, enrichment activities, husbandry basics, calm puppy exercises, canine body language, fear-free vet visits, as well as how to deal with common puppy “problems” (mouthing, chewing, jumping, potty training).  The class also includes safe socialization time with other puppies and people.  This class will set your dog up to continue with the Canine Essentials class.  Class is held at Central Bark in Slinger.

Class starts:   

Wednesday, February 17th at 6:00 p.m.

Canine Essentials

While this class does cover many of the basics you see in traditional entry level manners classes such as leash walking & polite greetings, we focus more on setting your dog up for success in life by teaching them to be calm & focused.  Class is also set up to have a flexible curriculum and will flow to suit the needs of the group.  Class is held at Central Bark in Slinger.

Class starts:  FULL  

Wednesday, February 17th at 7:00 p.m.

Beyond the Essentials

For dogs that have completed Canine Essentials or with my approval (some basic skills prerequisites required).  In this class we will expand on what your dog has already learned and take it to the next level.  Some of what we will learn (including but not limited to): how to deal with greater distractions, refine known cues, advanced leash walking, distance cueing, intro to tricks and more.  Curriculum is flexible and will flow to suit the needs of the group.

Class starts:  TBA

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