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Essential Oil Diffusing
Healing Gemstone Jewelry

George and Lola Designs is named for two of the loves of my Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. I was first introduced to the benefits of essential oils by a friend who used them to help one of her dogs, who suffered from anxiety, to stay calm. I quickly began using them on my dogs and then eventually on myself but didn't always like to apply them to my skin (and some oils you aren't supposed to apply topically). A jewelry designer all my life, I realized that I could make unique, stylish and fun pieces of jewelry to diffuse the scent all day.  Combining the healing powers of essential oils and gemstones is a great way to remind you of what it is you need to do for yourself to achieve balance and healing in your life. 

Each necklace or bracelet has a wooden element (bead or disk) for diffusing essential oils.  I have found that wood makes the best diffuser, far superior to other materials most commonly seen on the market.

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